Online cam sex is great… but real sex must be better

Online cam sex is great… but real sex must be better

Virtual sex show continued with a real sex encounter

When Naomi, a successful online sex cam star, finally encounters one of her long-time admirers in a private show, she must use her seductive talents to fulfill his deepest desires while protecting her own reputation and exposing her true identity. So here’s the incredible experience that dude had that day when Naomi unleashed the best of her for him.

I’m sitting in my darkened room, in my underwear, sweating. The phone keeps vibrating every few minutes and it kind of makes me nervous. I pick it up to check if it’s one of the guys from work, or just another one of those fucking spam text messages.

Neither one of those. It’s her… it’s my darling Naomi! I know what she wants, but I don’t want to give it to her. Not yet at least. This is new for us; this is the first time she’s asked me to do anything ‘naughty’ for her, and so far…it hasn’t been that bad because I actually enjoy playing the other role once in a while.

Sometimes she sends me a picture of herself, other times she sends me a video and tells me to watch it ‘on my own time’. Sometimes it’s a picture of something kinky or naughty (if you could call them that). A while ago she sent me a picture of her tied up with some rope, blindfolded and gagged, with a pair of panties folded into a square stuffed in her mouth like a bit.

The caption said ‘just imagine who did this to poor little me!

lol  xoxo’.

Femdom cam sex has it’s… particularities

I couldn’t hold myself from clicking the link at the bottom of the message… I was taken to a full length femdom cam sex video of her laughing and smiling while someone else bound her hands and feet together with rope. Next they were blindfolding her with a piece of cloth they pulled from their back pocket… and she was ready for the real action to begin.

They kissed her on the cheek and then pushed her down onto the bed before tying each foot to its corresponding hand by running a length of rope under the bed frame beneath where she was laying face down on top of the bed sheets.

She laughed as she tried to roll around, pulling on the ropes binding her wrists to her ankles and causing her ass to stick up in the air where they spanked it hard with their hand before walking out of shot leaving the camera pointed at an angle so we could see both their faces when he came back in carrying two items: an eye mask (I assume) and what looked like a rolling pin covered in rubber bands (I assumed too).

I shivered as I watched him walk over to where she lay giggling helplessly on the bed, his footsteps making loud thumps as he walked across the wooden flooring while mine made soft sounds against my carpet.

He slid his hand beneath her butt cheeks and squeezed them hard making her yelp loudly before sliding his fingers between them and finding her pussy while she writhed underneath him moaning loudly as he rubbed his fingers against her lips before sliding one inside her and then another until he had three fingers inside of her pumping them rhythmically before pulling his hand away and slapping her ass again with his open palm making more loud smacking noises against flesh as she howled loudly through whatever was stuffed in her mouth (it looked like underwear from where I sat watching on my phone).

Her hair was long, dark and curly down past where he held on to it with both hands as he fucked into her from behind standing up still fully clothed while she moaned badly muffled noises around whatever was crammed into her mouth until he made a loud groaning noise himself before driving deep inside of her one last time making that same noise again as he ejaculated deep inside of her until eventually he pulled out of her slowly letting go of all three things at once: hair, hips, cock (she must have been thinking ahead because there were no kids running around!).

Then he walked out of shot again leaving his cum oozing out of between where they had been joined together visible in close-up along with dribbles flowing down over either side of where they had joined together between those full round cheeks onto the bed sheets below all captured in glorious high definition by whoever took this footage obviously!

Then suddenly there was an explosion off screen which startled me so much I dropped my phone which hit my desk chair before falling onto the carpet next to my legs where it continued playing loudly showing more close-ups of what was on screen until finally cutting out completely leaving only silence behind after which I picked up my phone again intending to switch it off but ended up receiving another text instead (which was probably why it fell!) saying ‘I hope you enjoyed that!

Now make sure you remember our very private dirty little secret!!!

What about turning a live porn experience into a real life sex experience?

;)’ followed by a short link leading back to whichever live cam porn site she posted this shit on originally after which we texted back our agreement that we would keep the fact that we knew about each other’s internet activities quiet from everyone else – including our partners – for now at least until either one or both decided otherwise…

So now here I am at 2am trying not even looking at my phone anymore because any minute now…any minute now…there will be another text message asking me if I’m ready yet…?

Or maybe there won’t be?

She knows how shy I am; how nervous I can get when doing this kind of stuff alone – or even when someone else is watching!

She knows how much self-doubt always seems to creep into my head whenever I think about this sort of thing so maybe tonight isn’t going to happen after all?

Maybe tonight is just going to be like every other night we’ve spent talking dirty online together since we met?

Maybe tonight is going to be an uneventful evening after all?

What if…?

Well fuck it – there’s only one way to find out!

If nothing happens tonight then fine – nothing happened tonight.

But if something does happen tonight then…then…I don’t know!

And that’s really what scares me most isn’t it?

That’s what makes me feel most nervous right now: not knowing exactly what might happen tonight as opposed to knowing right now exactly what might happen tonight!

You do know what I mean right?

You’re nodding your head aren’t you?


Now… is it a bit easier for you to understand how difficult this situation is for me actually?

So let me tell you about myself for a moment: my husband works away from home 5 days per week doing IT work for some big company overseas spending weeks sometimes months away from home at a time whilst working there because apparently we need money for something or other but anyway…”

Well actually let’s skip all that boring shit above shall we?

Let’s just say that fucker left us three years ago when our daughter was born claiming “we both deserved better”.

He claimed that after years waiting around doing nothing – hoping somehow things would change between us – waiting patiently outside toilets whilst women peed themselves inside them telling him how great their periods were etcetera…etcetera…etcetera..

Just one last thing though: yes I’ve got big titties alright?!

Did you think otherwise?!

Did you not notice these huge knockers staring at you every day through your computer monitor??

Sorry, got a little carried away there.

Now let’s get back to our story a little bit.

What was I talking about before this short parenthesis?

Ah, yes, the text message.

Picking up my phone, I click “see” and start reading the message.

“Hey, baby.

Feeling ready to get kinky?” I just started feeling super horny and parts of my body acting differently.

It’s been weeks since she first brought up the idea of meeting in person, of taking our live online sex fantasies to the next level.

And here we are… ready for some real kinky action!

We’ve been chatting through text messages for a long time now, shared intimate details of our desires, and explored our deepest, darkest fantasies.

But the thought of finally meeting her face to face…it’s exhilarating yet terrifying at the same time.

It’s almost midnight.

The agreed-upon time for our meeting.

I stopped my body and mind for a moment, trying to imagine the scene: barely illuminated room, candles burning and dispersing exotic scents, some nice to have slow music in the background. And on the white bed she sites wearing a nice black bra and some tiny piece of black bikinis.

I reply to her message, my fingers trembling slightly.

“Yes, I’m ready.”

Her response comes almost instantaneously.


I’ve left the door unlocked for you.

I’m full of desire, you don’t want to miss my boiling point.”

As I was looking one last time in the mirror, wanting to get one last idea about my own face and what I look like, I told my self it was exactly what I wanted what I was looking for and I knew for a fact that it was the same for her too.

And this is the night where it’ll all become reality. I walked out the door proud of my decision and anxious the experience what we’ve both planned.

It feels fitting, as if the world itself is holding its breath, anticipating the events about to unfold. I’m almost there, her house was in front of me in a matter of minutes. The door stands before me, slightly ajar, welcoming me in. I stepped in an notice what looked like a world of dark fantasies waiting to be unveiled.

The atmosphere in the room is electric. The scent of lavender fills the air, soothing yet erotic.

Soft music plays in the background, its melody intertwining with the beating of my heart.

I follow the dim light, my eyes drawn to the figure standing in the center of the room.

She’s even more captivating in person, her beauty breathtaking.

Her eyes meet mine, and a smile tugs at the corners of her lips.

“Welcome,” she whispers, her voice a seductive melody.

“I’m glad you could make it.”

Unable to find the words, I simply nod, my desire burning within me.

Every fiber of my being longs to explore the depths of pleasure with her, to delve into the forbidden recesses of our desires.

As she takes a step closer, the anticipation becomes unbearable.

She reaches out, her fingers grazing mine, sending shivers down my spine.

“Tonight, we’ll embark on a journey neither of us will ever forget,” she murmurs, her voice filled with promise.

And just like that, the world around us fades away, leaving only the two of us, bound together by the inescapable pull of our shared desires.

The night stretches before us, a canvas waiting to be painted with ecstasy and vulnerability.

As we lose ourselves in each other, the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur.

In this intimate space, we are no longer just two strangers exploring our deepest desires.